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Cholecystostomy Tube Placement/Changes

Cholecystostomy Tube Placement/Changes A cholecystostomy is a procedure where a stoma is created in the gallbladder, which can facilitate placement of a tube for drainage. It is sometimes used in cases of cholecystitis, where the patient is critically ill, or if there is a need to delay cholecystectomy (surgical removal of the gallbladder). After the patient’s symptoms resolve and …

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Tunneled Peritoneal Catheter Placement/Removal

Tunneled Peritoneal Catheter Placement/Removal Tunneled peritoneal catheter insertion is performed as a treatment option for recurrent ascites (fluid in the abdomen). Patients with metastatic cancers or liver disease are typically candidates for this procedure. Patients with ascites due to cancer are able to have a tunneled peritoneal catheter placed to relieve their abdomen fullness, pain, and …

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Paracentesis Paracentesis is a procedure in which fluid from the abdomen is removed through a needle. There are two reasons to take fluid out of the abdomen; one is to analyze it, the other is to relieve pressure. The liquid that accumulates in the abdomen is called ascites.  Ascites seeps out of organs for several reasons related either to disease in the organ or changing fluid pressures. This procedure is performed using local anesthesia and ultrasound guidance.  In some cases this procedure …

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