Is your Gallbladder Causing Issues

Female suffering from abdominal pain The gallbladder is one of the lesser-known organs in the body. It helps your body break down fatty foods in your diet and store the bile that the liver produces. Despite being helpful in these areas, some people can experience problems with their gallbladder, making daily life a challenge.

The Vascular Institute of Virginia can provide expert analysis of gastrointestinal issues, including gallbladder problems. Some people may experience issues with their gallbladder but may not recognize warning signs. Here are a few things you should look out for regarding gallbladder trouble and when you must give our office a call.


Have you experienced steady and severe pain in your abdomen? It could be one of the first indications of gallstones, a condition that affects the gallbladder.

In many cases, gallstone pain can travel to other areas of the body, including the back and shoulders, which can make it hard to go about your routine.

Pain After Eating

If you’ve noticed abdominal pain after eating a fatty meal, your gallbladder may be telling you something isn’t right.

A fatty diet could trigger intense pain in the gallbladder that needs immediate medical attention.

Changes in Stool or Urine

Most people don’t think to pay attention to the color of their waste. However, it’s essential to note the unusual color of urine and stool. Light-colored stool or brown urine can signal trouble indicating a blockage in the pancreas, which can be problematic for the gallbladder.

Treating Gallbladder Problems

Although the gallbladder plays a key supporting role in helping to break food down, it isn’t essential for survival. Many cases of gallbladder issues resolve by removing it from the body. However, some gallbladder issues stem from blockages, which our office can correct.

The Vascular Institute of Virginia specializes in procedures such as Cholecystostomy surgeries, which involve placing a stoma in the gallbladder, allowing the insertion of a drainage tube to restore normal function, or helping seriously ill patients prepare for gallbladder removal surgery.

If you’ve experienced severe pain or other symptoms that are consistent with gallbladder issues, please schedule a visit at one of our three convenient locations. To set up a consultation, call the Vascular Institute of Virginia today at 703-763-5224.

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