Vascular Institute of Virginia review summary

5on Healthgrades,Dec 12, 2019


Dr Bagla and his staff did a superb job on the first test. Excellent care, explanation. All were professional, courteous, and helpful. Second test was determined not to be necessary after a review of the background information by Dr. Bagla. Well done and highly recommended

5on Google,Dec 11, 2019


The people at the front desk are always friendly. There is always a long wait however the techs and nurses are really sweet and they are always checking on you to make sure you’re ok. All of the doctors there are fantastic. They take their time and really listen to patients. They really care .

5on Google,Dec 03, 2019


They are very thorough. They make sure you understand your entire procedure from before, during and after.

5on Google,Nov 26, 2019


Good personal touch, very information, timely, no discomfort and the entire process was efficient and satisficing.

5on Google,Nov 26, 2019


Dr. Bagla and his staff, Rachel, Rhonda, Jodie are top notch people! When I go there I receive VIP treatment.

4on Google,Nov 19, 2019


I was sent to the Institute because I was having a lot of arm pain I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and because I was a diabetic and they did not want to do major surgery on my arm because of the recovery would be too long so I was sent to the Institute where they did a pain block the success rate was well I had doctor bagla he was amazing his staff was amazing the surgery went well back to my normal activity in my right arm now I'm going back to have the same procedure done on my left arm if you have been recommended to the vascular institute of Virginia they are very good they take care of you they talk to you explain everything word for word the procedure took bout hour an half an a hour for recovery an I was on my way home that night an next day I had a little pain an discomfort afterwards but it didn't last but two days with having pain meds an my recovery time was only a week but If I had major surgery it would have been 6 to 12 weeks so I'm glad that my doctor sent me to them I recommend them my pain was a 10 when I started now I'm at a comfortable 4 that because I still need Physical Therapy for range of motion so if you're considering having a procedure done I recommend it I'm so glad that I did it I just hate that I had to wait 7 months before a doctor finally figured out what it was when they did they sent me right to the Institute and they fixed me right on up I love them I love dr. Bagla and I love his staff they're awesome they call and check on you text you and they make sure that they do what they can to make you comfortable and make the procedure very easy and comforting so I do recommend them I didn't have to pay for anything they pay for it for everything they paid for my procedure any x-rays or MRIs that I had to have only thing that they don't pay for is your blood work but your insurance will cover that so yes I give them a five out of five!!!

5on Google,Nov 14, 2019


Dr. Washer is simply, hands down, one of the very best healthcare providers my grandmother has ever had. His bedside manner is beyond that of most I have ever encountered personally or professionally. He always explains procedures and treatment plans to my grandma in ways she can understand and is patient when her comprehension may not be "at its peak". He respectfully includes me in and acknowledges the role I play in her medical care, but always addresses my grandmother directly which, though she doesn't say it, I know makes her feel empowered and valued. Something often forgot in our profession when providing care to older generations who rely on their children/grandchildren in their later years, when we can give back just a very small portion of what they have given us their whole lives. A+ for Dr. Washer and his amazing staff!!! Bc of course, amazing Dr.'s have steller nurses! Thank you for all that you do. You are greatly appreciated! Crystal & Joanne

5on Google,Nov 01, 2019


Excellent treatment and knowledgeable staff. Patients are treated with care and compassion and the facility is sterile and orderly. Thank you!!

5on Google,Oct 10, 2019


See Dr Vu quarterly in the new Fredericksburg office for a fistulagram. They whole team is quick, efficient, very professional. Highly recommended.

5on Healthgrades,Sep 25, 2019


Everyone from the beginning to the end...professional, courteous and friendly. Two friendly nurses that attended to me, Dr. Kieger and the Radiologist, they were exceptional! Thanks

5on Healthgrades,Sep 24, 2019


Very personable and professional in explaining my condition and follow up treatments. I feel Very confident under his care.

5on Google,Sep 24, 2019

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