How to Prepare for a Biopsy

Doctor dermatologist examines the subcutaneous when on the patients arm A biopsy is essential in the fight against cancer and other debilitating conditions. It helps you to identify the cause of issues you’ve experienced and can aid in creating an effective treatment plan to suit your needs. Knowing what to expect from a biopsy and how to prepare for it can make a difference in the type of treatment you receive.

Why is a Biopsy necessary?

It’s not unusual to feel uncomfortable to hear your doctor order a biopsy. Many people associate the need for a biopsy with a cancer diagnosis. While a biopsy can help identify cancerous cells, this is not the only purpose they serve.

Your doctor may order a biopsy for several reasons, these include:

  • Diagnosing autoimmune disorders
  • Identifying infections
  • Matching organ tissue for transplants
  • Examining tissues for signs of organ rejection after a transplant

Types of Biopsies

Biopsies aren’t limited to one part of the body. Many areas of the body are eligible for a biopsy for various reasons. An abdominal biopsy, for instance, helps to diagnose growths in the abdomen as benign or cancerous. Other areas of your body that may need a biopsy are the bones, kidneys, chest, breasts, testes, and skin.

What happens with a Biopsy Procedure

Some people worry that a biopsy is a lengthy, invasive procedure. But, most biopsies are outpatient procedures that allow you to return to normal activities on the same day. The nature of your procedure depends on the location of the abnormality. Some biopsy procedures involve using a needle to take a sample of the growth, while others involve a short surgical procedure to remove lumps.

What You Need to Do For a Biopsy

Depending on the nature of your procedure, your doctor may instruct you to avoid eating or drinking for several hours before your procedure. You may also need to refrain from taking aspirin or blood-thinning agents before the biopsy. Your preparation requirements depend on the kind of biopsy your doctor orders for you.

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