What Vascular Imaging Can Show You

Cardiologist use tubes and ultrasound for radiofrequency catheter ablation. Vascular imaging can help clarify several things that may be happening with your body. Some people are unaware of all the benefits vascular imaging can provide patients. If you’ve been wondering what vascular imaging can do for you, here are a few things you can learn from it and how to improve your health.

What is Vascular Imaging?

Vascular imaging is an essential tool medical professionals use to evaluate your circulatory system. Your circulatory system includes your veins and arteries that compose your bloodstream, the system that carries blood, oxygen, and nutrients through your body. 

It works similarly to how an x-ray examines the bones, but it doesn’t rely on harmful radiation that can come with an x-ray. Instead, vascular imaging involves the use of radio waves to get a closer look at how your circulatory system is performing. 

Why Would I Need Vascular Imaging?

Your need for Vascular imaging depends on a few key factors. If you’re suffering from a vascular condition or your symptoms necessitate your having to do vascular imaging, your doctor may recommend it to learn more about the best way to treat you. 

What Conditions Can Vascular Imaging Confirm?

Your doctor can order a vascular imaging test for several reasons. First, if you have swelling in your legs, vascular imaging can help identify a cause. Also, vascular imaging can help determine the severity of varicose veins, find blood clots, and confirm suspicions of a DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis diagnosis.

Does Vascular Imaging Hurt?

While its name may sound intimidating to some people, vascular imaging is a painless procedure. Since it doesn’t involve radiation, it eliminates concerns about exposure to harmful rays. The procedure involves placing a clear gel on the area your doctor wants to examine. Next, your doctor may utilize a doppler ultrasound to listen to your blood flow and determine how it’s performing. The doppler can produce images of your bloodstream by using the vibrations from your blood flow. All these steps are pain-free and help bring you closer to having a formal diagnosis.

If you want to learn more about treatment options for your vascular health, please call our office. Please schedule a consultation at one of our three convenient locations by calling us at 703-763-5224.

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