What Is Nephrostomy Catheter Placement and Why Do I Need It?

Nephrostomy catheter placement is a medical procedure where a thin, flexible tube (catheter) is inserted directly into your kidney. This catheter helps drain urine, which is then collected in a bag outside your body.

The procedure is done under imaging guidance, typically using ultrasound or X-ray, to ensure precise placement of the catheter.

This procedure might be necessary if urine flow is blocked. Common causes include kidney stones, tumors, or scar tissue that obstructs the urinary tract. This procedure can significantly improve your comfort and overall quality of life, making it an important option for managing urinary blockages.

Benefits and Considerations of Nephrostomy Catheter Placement

Nephrostomy catheter placement can alleviate pain or discomfort caused by urinary blockages. By ensuring the free flow of urine, the procedure reduces pressure on your kidneys, helping them function properly. This contributes to better overall health and prevents potential complications.

Like any medical procedure, nephrostomy catheter placement carries some risks. Infection is a primary concern, but it can be managed with antibiotics and careful monitoring. 

Other risks include bleeding or accidental dislodging of the catheter, which can be minimized by following medical advice.

After the procedure, proper care is essential. The catheter should be kept clean and dry, and you should watch for signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, or fever. If you experience any of these symptoms or other concerns, seek medical attention promptly.

Preparing for a Nephrostomy Catheter Placement

Before your nephrostomy catheter placement, have a thorough discussion with your doctor. This consultation helps clarify why the procedure is needed and what tests or preparations might be necessary. This conversation allows you to address any questions or concerns with your medical team.

Before the procedure, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. This might include fasting for a specific period or adjusting your medication. These steps are vital to ensure the success of the nephrostomy catheter placement.

Experienced medical professionals should perform this procedure. They will guide you through each step and monitor your progress.

Book a Nephrostomy Catheter Placement in Virginia

The Vascular Institute of Virginia offers expert care if you need a nephrostomy catheter placement. Our skilled team can guide you through every step, providing personalized treatment. Contact us to schedule a consultation and explore your options.

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