Ava Star, MD

Dr. Star is a Board-Certified Vascular & Interventional Physician. Trained at Stanford, Columbia, Penn, and the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Star has undergone rigorous and advanced training in the technologically advanced minimally invasive techniques of IR, as well as additional training in wound care. Having won many prestigious national awards, Dr. Star has published in national peer reviewed journals and has been an invited lecturer at national medical meetings for her expertise in IR, Wound Care, and Limb Salvage/Amputation Prevention. She serves on multiple national committees in her specialty, and is an active member of numerous medical societies including the Critical Limb Ischemia Global Society, where she is a member of the #CLIFighters movement to prevent unnecessary limb amputations in the United States and around the world.

Although she specializes in all IR procedures, Dr. Star is most passionate about saving legs from amputation and wound care, and utilizes the most technologically advanced techniques in conjuction with the most current medical literature as part of a multi-disciplinary approach to amputation prevention.