Be Careful: Your Holiday Diet May Effect Your Vein Health

woman drinking coffee wearing knitted nordic print poncho sitting home by the window The holiday season is a beautiful time that can help families reconnect. This time of year can also open the door to significant temptations for those trying to monitor their eating habits. Although the holidays offer many tasty food options, it’s essential to stay the course and limit your intake of foods that could set your diet back. Also, having a poor diet can adversely affect your vein health, leading to many problems. Here are a few foods you should try to avoid this holiday season and how they can compromise your vein health.

Alcoholic Beverages

If you suffer from varicose veins, keep the alcohol you consume to a minimum. Avoiding alcohol is essential because many studies show that regular alcohol consumption can cause the veins to constrict, making it harder for your heart to move blood throughout the body. When this happens, it can increase the likelihood of heart-related complications. While you may want alcohol as part of your holiday celebrations, you should steer clear of it to protect your vein health.

Processed Foods

The holiday season is a time of year when many people indulge in many of their favorite foods. Many of these items can be unhealthy and increase the chances of causing issues down the road. A significant culprit is many processed foods that find themselves on many people’s plates throughout the holidays. During the holidays, try your best to limit processed foods such as 

  • Hot dogs
  • Ham
  • Canned goods
  • Pizza

Refined Carbohydrates

The holidays are a time of year when many delicious desserts are staples in many homes. But some of these dishes contain refined carbohydrates and sugar that can compromise your vein health. Refined carbohydrates can cause increases in glucose, leading to constricted veins and compromising heart health along the way. While it may not be fun, staying on a regimen of fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods during the holidays can help ensure you can enjoy the festivities without doing long-term harm to your body.

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